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"Come to understand the easy way and study mathematics"

Mathematics is not just another stream. Mathematics is a common stream that contributes to everything in man's lifetime. Once you understand it, it will be your favorite and easiest subject.

Who we are is the pioneer mathematics and science educational website in Sri Lanka. So we mainly aim to increase the mathematical knowledge in local students. Therefore we do provide free exam papers, model papers, evaluation papers, tutorials, educational workshops, special classes, jobs and courses.

Past Papers

We do provide mathematics grade 1 to 13 all Past Papers

Model Papers

We do provide mathematics new Model Papers for grade 1 to 13

Exam Results

You can now check your exam results from

Download Tutorials

You can now easily find mathematics tutorials form our website.


Tutorials can be downloaded for students who are sitting for the Grade5, G.C.E O/L & A/L Examination, Universities, Employed Persons or any competitive examination.

Learning Methods

We hope to provide you with new educational methods, new educational trends in a changing world. We also provide you with questions, simple activities that can improve your daily knowledge.


We are also preparing to introduce new online courses to provide employment opportunities in the field of education for all Sri Lankans.


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