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G.C.E Advanced Level

Through this page, You can now get all the Educational helps and needs related to Download A/L Biology.

Here You can Download Past Papers, School Papers, Provincial Term Test Papers, and Tutorials, for GCE A/L Biology in Sinhala, English & Tamil Medium

You can now download any past papers, model papers, tutorials, educational videos, provincial papers, school papers, maths, science from mathematics LK education sri lanka

Download A/L Biology Past Papers

Below you can download the relevant Past Question Papers for Advanced Level Biological Science. Also, these question papers have been given separately for every year. Therefore, select the question papers related to the year you want from below. And when you first select the year you want to get the question paper and click on it, you can get the relevant past paper from the list below.

* Also for your convenience, we have provided Sinhala medium as (SM), Tamil medium as (TM), and English medium as (EM) question papers below.

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