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Math Lessons for all

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Here you can download for the grades six to eleven math lessons are prepared according to the new syllabus & school textbooks. 

Also we provide free school curriculum related lessons on YouTube for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of mathematics of Sri Lankan children.

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade is a series of lessons designed to cover all units. Includes rehearsals.

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Seventh Grade

This course is designed to cover the lessons of the school curriculum for grade 7. Includes revision exercises.

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Eighth Grade

It is a series of lessons designed to improve math knowledge in eighth grade.

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Ninth Grade

Improves basic math knowledge. All lesson units related to grade nine are discussed.

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Tenth Grade

All lessons in Grade 10 are discussed as a start for the O / L examination. Evaluation exercises included.

Eleventh Grade

GCE O / L exam introduces student This unit has been built so that you can get excellent results in the Mathematics question paper.


Not every student’s knowledge is the same. Therefore, it is our intention to conduct a proper review of the required units.

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mathematics lanka education is the pioneer mathematics and science educational website in Sri Lanka. So we mainly aim to increase the mathematical knowledge in local students. Therefore we do provide free exam papers, model papers, evaluation papers, tutorials, educational workshops, special classes, jobs and courses.

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Education is an important benchmark in every country. So is Sri Lanka. Therefore, every parent strives to provide his child with an accurate and quality education. We, Mathematics Lanka Education, are trying to make another breakthrough in Sri Lankan education. We are committed to providing your child with the best possible learning using quality and advanced educational tools. Join us and give your child the right education.

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