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Rathmalane Sri  Dharmaloka Thero

The university of kelaniya was established in 1878 by the Vidyalankara Pirivena. Also in 1875 vidyalankara pirivena was started by sri  dharmaloka thero in rathmalana. 

Now the Kelaniya University has taken over the leadership of the Buddhist education. 

What Are The Faculties In University Of Kelaniya?
  • Faculty Of Science  

microbiology, chemistry, zoology and environmental management, botany, mathematics, physics, statistics and computer science undergraduate programs are offered by faculty of science in university of kelaniya.

Contact No : (+94) 112 903 201

For more details –


  • Faculty Of Medicine 

The MBBS and BSc (speech & hearing science) ​undergraduate programs are offered by ​Faculty Of Medicine​. And Occupational therapy & Physiotherapy external degree programs also offered by this faculty.

P.O Box 06, Faculty of medicine, University of kelaniya, Thalagolla road, Ragama, Sri Lanka.

Contact No : (+94)112 961 000, (+94)112 958 219

For more detail please visit –


  • Faculty Of Commerce & Management

Bachelor  of commerce (Business Technology/ Entrepreneurship/ Financial  management) and Bachelor  of Business Management (Accountancy/ Finance/ Human resource management/ Marketing) undergraduate programs are studying by this faculty. And Bachelor  of Business Management & Bachelor  of Commerce external degrees also offered by this faculty. 

Contact No : (+94) 112 903 501

Website –


  • Faculty Of Computing & Technology

BSc (Computer science), Bachelor of engineering technology (BET) and Bachelor of information communication technology degrees are offered by this faculty. 

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  • Faculty Of Humanities 

English language, Arts, Hindi studies, Linguistics, Pali & buddhist studies, Sanskrit, Sinhala and Christian culture studies departments are has in this faculty. 

Fore modetail about faculty of humanities please visit this site – https://faculty.of.humanities/


  • Faculty Of Social Science

Economics, Archaeology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political science, Sociology, Social statics and other several departments are has in this faculty. 

Contact No : (+94) 112 903 802

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  • Faculty Of Graduate Studies 

Several master degree programs and postgraduate diploma programs are offered by this faculty. 

Faculty of graduate studies, University of kelaniya, kelaniya, Sri lanka.

Contact No : (+94)112 903 952 , (+94) 112 903 953

E.mail :

More detail about faculty of graduate studies in university of kelaniya please visit this website – https://faculty.of.graduate.studies/


What Are The External Degree Programs In University Of Kelaniya?
  • B.Sc. Physiotherapy.

  • Bachelor of Science  – Speech & Language Therapy.

  • Bachelor of Science – Occupational Therapy.

  • Bachelor of Commerce – Speech

  • Bachelor of Science  – General

  • Bachelor of Art

  • Bachelor of Business Management

Thies degree programs are offered by 

Open and distance continuing education center (External degree program center) in university of kelaniya. 

There is good value for this external degrees from the University of Kelaniya. So every year, large number of students are applying for these external degree programs. 

Details of the external degrees of the university of kelaniya have been released by the open and distance educational center.


Please download Instruction book for writing essay type answers and higher education.


Also you can download student handbooks for external degree programs by university of kelaniya. please click here to download.

More post about external degree programs please read abou post.

External Degree Programs In Sri Lanka

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