Click here to share on social media. is the official website is the Department of examination in Sri Lanka. Every year many types of examination results are provided with this website. Therefore many people every year use this website to check their results.

Because of that, we going to introduce how to check your results easy way using

What is the ? is a website to view the exam results. Also, this website is distributed through the Department of Examination Sri Lanka. 


What are they provide for us ?

Examination department provides below things using their website. 

  1. Ordinary Level Examination Results
  2. Advanced Level Examination Results
  3. Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Results
  4. Government Examination Results
  5. Institutional and Professional Examinations Results.
  6. Applications for Government and Nongovernment Recruitment Exams
  7. Applications for School Examinations ( G.C.E A/L or O/L )
  8. Certificates for Local and Foreign Uses
  9. Efficiency Bar Examinations
  10. Examinations for Promotion of Officers
  11. Examinations Related To Both Local And Foreign Agencies
  12. Examinations For Awarding Certificates
  13. Past Question Papers
  14. National Examination Notice And Timetables
  15. Exam Evaluations
  16. Examination Calenders
  17. Procurement Notices

How Can We Login?

Usually, you don’t need an account to check your results. Also, these services are providing totally free. 

So now we going to talk about how we can enter.

Type No. 01

Google Search

You can search on google. Certainly, that is the easy way to log this website. So you can use your browser in your any media device for this step.


Type No. 02

Use this link to login.


Type No. 03

Also, you can use the Department of Examination mobile app to see your results.

So please click below links for download mobile app.

Android –

iOS –


How Can We Contact Them?

Address :

Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka.

Telephone No :

+94 11 2786200

+94 11 2784201

+94 11 2785202

+94 11 2784204

+94 11 2786205

+94 11 2784206

+94 11 2784207

Hotline :


Fax No :

+94 11 2785220

+94 11 2784422

+94 11 2784232

E – Mail :

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