Knowledge Improvement Maths Paper For G.C.E O/L

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Mathematics is the highly competitive subject in  G.C.E O/L Examination. Similarly, most pupils think when they don’t comprehension maths theorise mathematics will be complicated. First of all, we must remember G.C.E O/L mathematics paper is not very complicated. If students want to well prepare for maths paper, they need to prior activities and good instruction resources.  

National Institute of Education (NIE) mathematics tutorials are good resources for students. Therefore this workbook is a very good resource book for O/L maths paper. And also it contains lots of revision question papers. 

As a result, this mathematics book can use for 2016 new syllabus students. If you are old syllabus students..! Also, you can use an old syllabus resource books by NIE. Old syllabus mathematics books, tutorials and papers you can download website and NIE official website.

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