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The A/L examination is the highest examination of school children. Physics is a very logical and competitive subject for students studying mathematics and biology. Referring to the Physics resource book is very important to get the syllabus of Physics subject correctly.

Therefore, these resource books are issued by the National Institute of Education (nie.lk). Students in grades 12 and 13 can refer to these physics books. We have made these article available on our website so that GCE A/L private applicants, as well as school applicants, can easily download them.

In addition to physics, we also provide you with these resource books for Biology, Combined Mathematics, and Chemistry. You can also download them from our website. Please refer to other articles for that.

Measurements – Unit 01 – Resource Book

Measurements – Unit 01 Book

This lesson covers questions such as measuring instruments and SI unit questions. So this lesson is a good unit to learn the basic concepts of physics. It will help you to learn parts like measuring instruments well and get a good result in the science subject stream.

Mechanics (Yanthra Vidyawa) – Unit 02

A Level Mechanics – Physics Unit No 02

Mechanics is a very important lesson in A/L Physics lessons. This lesson is a basic unit of study in advanced science subjects. Therefore, students studying science streams learn this lesson well.

Physics Unit 03

A/L Physics Resource Book
A/L Physics Resource Book

Unit 03 Physics Advanced Level

You can learn about waves in the third lesson in physics. There you can learn about the types of waves and how to write answers to those wave-related problems.

A/L Physics Resource Book Part 04 – Unit 5,6,7,8

A/L Physics Unit No 5,6,7,7,8 PDF Download

Lesson number 4,5,6,7 & 8 allows you to learn about Fields of power and electricity. Also, this includes issues with current electricity.

Advanced Level Physics Unit No 09 – PDF

Advanced Level Physics Unit No 09 – PDF

Also the ninth lesson unit can learn electronics. It also contains all the electronic science parts related to science lessons. So this lesson is a very important subject in Physics.

Resource Book Physics Advanced Level Unit 10

A/L Resource book physics advanced level unit 10

Padarthaya ha Wikiranaya A/L Physics Book Unit 11

Padarthaya ha Wikiranaya A/L Physics Book Unit 11

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