Multiply by Two (0-20) | Multiplication Quiz & Worksheets

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Let us find out how to multiply by two. One of the simplest questions in multiplication tables is multiplication by two. If you are trying to learn math simply, learn how to multiply by two first. These multiplication methods will also be very important for you when answering binary number questions.

Multiplication by two is simple. But young children start learning math mostly by multiplying by two. So it is very important to learn these math exercises correctly. Study the following sections carefully to learn these multiplications. Then answer the quizzes and worksheets we have provided.

Multiplication Table (0 to 20) for Multiply by Two

This multiplication table shows the multiplication from 1 to 20 by two. You can use this math table to solve the quiz we have provided below.

Multiplication Answer
0 x 2 0
1 x 22
2 x 24
3 x 26
4 x 28
5 x 210
6 x 212
7 x 214
8 x 216
9 x 218
10 x 220
11 x 222
12 x 224
13 x 226
14 x 228
15 x 230
16 x 232
17 x 234
18 x 236
19 x 238
20 x 240

You can also download the pdf file and excel sheet of this multiplication table below.

Download – Multiply by Two Math Table PDF File

Download – Multiply by Two Math Table (Excel Sheet)

Online Quiz for Multiplication by Two

Below we have provided you with some Multiple Choice Quizzes. Those short questions can test your knowledge of the multiplication of the two. If more than 6 of the answers you give to these questions are incorrect, please try again.

In addition to these questions, few math worksheets are also provided below with multiplication questions. Download them too and write the answers.


4 x 2 =

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6 x 2 =

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7 x 2 =

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9 x 2 =

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10 x 2 =

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12 x 2 =

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14 x 2 =

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15 x 2 =

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17 x 2 =

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18 x 2 =

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19 x 2 =

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20 x 2 =

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Online Quiz for Multiply by Two
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Mathematics Worksheets for Multiply by Two

Solve these math worksheets in addition to the short questions provided above. Especially these questions are simply designed to develop knowledge about multiplication. So write good answers to these questions several times. This will eliminate the problems associated with your multiplication. These worksheets will also be helpful in the math lessons you learn in school or college.

The Multiplying (1 to 20) by 3 (42 Questions) Math Worksheet .PDF
The Multiplying (1 to 20) by 3 (42 Questions) Math Worksheet Answers .PDF

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