2016 Scholarship Paper | Grade 5 Exam Paper & Answer

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Here you can download the 2016 Scholarship Paper. The scholarship exam is a challenging exam for young children. As a result, every parent encourages their child to take the test. Many subjects are taught from an early age to young children for the Grade 5 examination.

This exam is considered a great opportunity for young children to get selected for schools. This is because children who get good marks in the exam are given the opportunity to enter a good school. As a result, parents prepare their children better for the exam.

Therefore, past question papers are very important for students in grade 5 or grade 4. In this article from our website, we have given the 2016 Scholarship Examination Question Paper.

Download 2016 Grade 05 Shishyathwaya Paper

Below you will find the first & second parts of the 2016 Scholarship Question Paper.

In the first part of the 2016 Scholarship exam Question Paper, Students are given 45 minutes to answer. It also contains 40 short questions. I will give 3 marks for each question. Accordingly, the total marks obtained for this scholarship exam for the first question paper is 120 marks.

This question paper part two contains 60 questions to answer. It also contains sub-sections on several questions. The time limit for this question paper is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Children should answer all questions within the allotted time. Separate worksheets are provided for sections such as some math problems in this question paper.

2016 Grade 05 Scholarship Paper Part 01 & 02 (Sinhala Medium)

2016 Grade 05 Scholarship Paper Part 01 & 02 (Sinhala Medium)

Accordingly, you will be more valuable for you to download the grade 05 new syllabus PDF. Read other articles on our site. This will allow you to download the Grade 5 Scholarship New Curriculum.

The new syllabus issued by the National Institute of Education contains about 16 lessons. Also, in grade 5, children have to learn about 11 subjects and activities. The Grade 5 Scholarship Examination tests students’ knowledge through that activity and field of study.

You can also download

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