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Today in this article we are going to give you a list of A/L subject number & subject names.

The GCE Advanced Level Examination is the final examination of the students pursuing secondary education. This is a competitive examination among the examinations in Sri Lanka. This is because it is the basic exam that students choose for universities and institutes of higher learning.

In addition, it is possible to obtain middle-level employment opportunities after the GCE Advanced Level examination. Therefore, it is important to know the exact subject numbers and subject names before the GCE Advanced Level examination.

Why is the A/L subject number and subject name important to us?

Generally, we apply for the GCE Advanced Level examination in two ways. They are,

  1. As a school applicant / candidate
  2. As a private applicant / candidate

Whichever way you apply, it is important for you to know the subject number. The main reason for this is to know whether we will get the question paper relevant to the subject of our choice at the examination. Moreover, in the exam, we often do not write the name of the subject. Instead, we write only the subject number. Therefore, it is very useful to know the correct subject number for the subjects we are studying in A/L class.

How many subjects are there in the Advanced Level Examination in Sri Lanka?

There are about 63 subjects to study for the GCE Advanced Level Examination. These subjects are divided into five categories. They are,

  1. Physics Subject Stream (Combined maths subject stream)
  2. Biology Subject Stream
  3. Commerce Subject Category
  4. Art Subject Stream
  5. Technology subject category (Bio & Engineering Technology, Mathematics)

It is compulsory for all students studying in the above streams to write answers in General English and General Knowledge papers at the examination.

What are GCE A/L subject numbers and subject names?

Below we have given you the names and numbers of all the A/L subjects in order. You can also get those subject numbers from the official website of the Department of Examination. A PDF article containing these subject numbers is also included below so that you can download it. Download it too. Or go to the official website link of the Department of Examinations which we have given below and download the article with the relevant subject numbers.

Subject NameSubject Number
Agricultural Science08
Combined Mathematics10
Higher Mathematics11
Common General Test12
General English13
Civil Technology14
Mechanical Technology15
Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology16
Food Technology17
Agriculture Technology18
BioResource Technology19
Information & Communication Technology20
Political Science23
Logic and Scientific Method24
History of Sri Lanka25
History of India25A
History of Europe25B
Modern World History25C
Home Economics28
Communication & Media Studies29
Business Statistics31
Business Studies32
Buddhist Civilization45
Hindu Civilization46
Islam Civilization47
Greek and Roman Civilization48
Christian Civilization49
Dancing (Indigenous)52
Dancing (Bharatha)53
Music (Oriental)54
Music (Carnatic)55
Music (Western)56
Drama and Theatre (Sinhala)57
Drama and Theatre (Tamil)58
Drama and Theatre (English)59
Engineering Technology65
Biosystems Technology66
Science for Technology67
GCE Advanced Level Subject Names And Subject Numbers List

According to Circular No. 2016/13 issued by the Ministry of Education, three main subjects can be selected for an examination from the above subject list.

How to download this subject name and number list?

GCE A/L subject numbers and subject name list sinhala for Download
GCE A/L subject numbers and subject name list Sinhala for Download

We have given you the above list of subject numbers for the A/L examination in Sinhala medium. This list will come with your application if you are a private candidate. Also, your school will receive for-school applicants.

Do we need to know the city number and city name for the A/L exam?

Of course yes. If you are a private candidate, this city number is important for the center where you are writing the exam. But those centers may change as the centers where the exams are held change from year to year. Below we have provided a list of city numbers and city names where last year’s exams were held. You can get all those names in Sinhala. You will also receive a list of those city numbers with your application.

download Sinhala city number and city name list for Advanced Level Examination Sri Lanka
Download Sinhala city number and city name list for Advanced Level Examination Sri Lanka

Click here to Download: Subject numbers and Town numbers from exam.gov.lk

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