Sri Lanka Law College (SLLC) – Become a Lawyer

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Sri Lanka Law College (SLLC)

Sri Lanka Law College – How to Become a Lawyer in Sri Lanka – Roshara Pathirage (Content writer @ Mathematics Lanka Education)

History of SLLC

Sri Lanka Law College was established as the Ceylon Law College under the council of Legal Education in 1874 in order to impart formal legal education to those who wished to be lawyers in Sri Lanka. So the institute is situated at Hulftsdorp Street in Colombo. Also, the main building of the College, an impressive piece of architecture, was constructed in the year 1911. This magnificent building remains the thriving focal point of the Sri Lanka Law College.

Legal Status

The Law College of Sri Lanka operates under the Council of Legal Education Corporations (Legal Education Act No:2 of 1900) to provide legal education to persons aspiring to join the Sri Lanka Law Bar Association. The Law College is the only institute that offers a complete series of academic courses for those
who wish to qualify for the profession.

Management of the Law College

The Law College is managed by the Council of Legal Education set up under the Council of Legal Education Ordinance. The Council is headed by the Hon. Chief Justice. Also the other members of the Council are the Hon. Attorney-General, Secretary to the Ministry of Justice, the Hon. Solicitor-General, two judges of the Supreme court nominated by the Hon. Chief Justice, six members appointed by the Hon. Minister of Justice, and two other members nominated by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.The Principal works as the Head of the College, Registrar of the Council of Legal Education, and Warden of the College Hostel.

The Curriculum of Sri Lanka Law College

Entry Qualifications :

The minimum educational qualifications to sit the Entrance Examination is such as :

  • Three A/L passes (or passes in old A/L)
  • The subjects should be those approved by the Council of Legal Education AND
  • Constitution – general knowledge of the main features of the Constitution of the Democratic socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
  • Current Socio.

Entrance Examination For :

Similarly all candidates are required to sit an Entrance Examination to be held in August/September every year.

  1. The subjects for the Entrance Examination shall be
    • Language Paper – Sinhala Language/Tamil Language or English Language.
    • General Knowledge and General Intelligence

A three-year course is implemented after passing the entrance examination. So these are the subjects that maintain each year.

Subjects for the First Year
  1. Legal History and Legal Systems of Sri Lanka, including Roman Law
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Constitutional law
  4. Law of Persons including Personal Laws
  5. Industrial Law
  6. Law of Obligations -I
  7. Legislative Drafting and Statutory Interpretation
  8. Environmental Law or Conflict Laws
Subjects for the Second year
  1. Law of Property (2nd papers)
  2. Law of Obligations – II
  3. Jurisprudence
  4. Law of Trusts
  5. Administrative Law
  6. International Law/Revenue Law/Intellectual Property Law or Construction Law and Arbitration Law.
Subjects for the Third Year
  1. Commercial Law (2nd papers)
  2. Civil Procedure and Pleadings (2nd papers)
  3. Law of Evidence
  4. Criminal Procedure
  5. Conveyancing
  6. Trust Accounts Book Keeping and Professional Ethics.

Training Course :

Students who pass the final exam are required to take a series of practical training courses conducted by the Law College of Sri Lanka. Also, the practical training course series aims to provide some of the skills required of a practical lawyer.

Check the details of latest curriculum here :

Also, if anyone wants to get old question papers and answer sheets of exams, go through this link. It will be a great help to you.

General Information Address – No.244 Hulftsdorp Street, Colombo 12.
P.O Box Address – P.O Box 1501, Colombo.
Telephone – +94112473119 / +940112323759
Fax – +941122385847
E-mail –

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