2021 Exam Date Announced? A/L & Grade 5 Scholarship

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A Level & Grade 5 Scholarship 2021 Exam Date Announced

Ministry of Education G. L. Peiris announced the 2021 exam date. Accordingly, the school children have been informed of the date of the Advanced Level Examination and the Scholarship Examination. The Minister further stated that the Department of Examinations is preparing to conduct examinations in this regard.

2021 Advanced Level Examination.

G.C.E. A/L Examination will be held from October 04 to October 31 this year, according to the Examinations Department.

Furthermore, as in previous years, the examination will be conducted in Sinhala, English, and Tamil mediums throughout the country. Today, the government has decided to hold the exams in accordance with the revised health guidelines. Accordingly, the Minister of Education announced the holding of the GCE Advanced Level Examination.

2021 Scholarship Examination Date.

Accordingly, the Grade 5 scholarship examination is scheduled to be held on October 03, 2021, said the Secretary to the Ministry of Education.

2021 Exam Date. The government has stated that it will conduct the examination considering the health of the children. Accordingly, the health rules to be followed by the children at the examination will be informed in due course.

How to register for the 2021 Advanced Level Examination?

How to register for the 2021 Advanced Level Examination
Login and Register 2021 A/L Examination (Online)

You can use the https://onlineexams.gov.lk/ website to register for the 2021 A / L exam. There you can register by giving your National Identity Card number, school number, and password.

Your school number and other details can be obtained from your school. Also, if you want to know more about those registrations, call the following telephone numbers.

  • +94 11 2786200
  • +94 11 2784207
  • +94 11 2784206
  • +94 11 2786205
  • +94 11 2784204
  • +94 11 2785202
  • +94 11 2784201

Or call the 1911 hotline number. It also gives you information on how to register for the 2021 exam.

You can register for the 2021 A / L exam by clicking the link below.


Personal Account Login A/L Exam 2021

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