Practical Exam 2020 – Will be added to the O/L results?

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There is a discussion about adding the marks of the practical exam 2020 to the O / L results. The Minister of Education GL Peiris expressed his views on this recently. He said it was challenging to bring students to the examination halls in the current situation. Therefore, the 2020 O / L results will be released soon so as not to harm the students, he said.

Moreover, about 622,000 students appeared for the 2020 GCE O/L examination. Of these, 169,000 students are required to sit for practical examinations in aesthetic subjects. But those practical exam 2020 (March 2021 O/L) have not been held yet.

Will the 2020 O/L practical examinations be held in the future?

The Minister of Education expressed the following views in this regard. He stressed that experts should be asked whether it is mandatory to conduct practical tests this year. Also said that the marks obtained by the students of the previous years from those tests should be checked. Also, he said that it would look into whether the evaluation marks obtained by the schools could be used for this year’s examination results.

He added that although we could not conduct practical tests, the school-based assessments were done properly. He says that a technical committee is looking into whether the marks can be added to the examination without any disadvantage to the students.

It is also stated that the main objective of the Department of Examinations is to release the O/L results in 2020 soon. Therefore, if practical examinations are conducted in the examinations, it will be decided in the future considering the present situation.

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