Multiply by Four | Multiplication Quiz and Worksheets

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Here we find out about Multiply by Four. So we have built this online question and multiplication table to learn multiplication numbers easily.

Also, at some point when you learn multiplication, always study the multiplication table carefully. Then you can easily solve problems like multiplication by four.

Learn multiply by four is very easy. For that, you need to have improved your math skills. So what we have given you here is a good learning methodology for that. The worksheets and short questions we have provided below will improve your multiplication ability.

Multiplication Table for Multiply by Four (0 to 20)

Study the multiplication table below.

Multiplication Answer
0 x 4 0
1 x 44
2 x 48
3 x 412
4 x 416
5 x 420
6 x 424
7 x 428
8 x 432
9 x 436
10 x 440
11 x 444
12 x 448
13 x 452
14 x 456
15 x 460
16 x 464
17 x 464
18 x 472
19 x 476
20 x 480

Study this multiplication table carefully. Read from memory several times. Then answer the quiz we have given you below.
That way you will be able to learn about multiplication by four. We have also provided you with the printable files of these math tables below.

Multiply by Four Math Worksheet (Excel) – Download

Multiply by Four Math Worksheet (PDF) – Download

Online Multiple choice questions for Multiplication by Four

Below we have given you a few Multiple choice questions related to multiplication by four. So we hope those short questions will enhance your multiplication skills.

If in any case, you have given more than 6 incorrect answers to the following questions, try again several times. Also, try to give correct answers to all the questions as much as possible.


0 x 4 =

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2 x 4 =

Correct! Wrong!

4 x 4 =

Correct! Wrong!

5 x 4 =

Correct! Wrong!

7 x 4 =

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8 x 4 =

Correct! Wrong!

9 x 4 =

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11 x 4 =

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14 x 4 =

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17 x 4 =

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18 x 4 =

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20 x 4 =

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Online Quiz for Multiply by Four
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Mathematics Worksheets for Multiply by Four

These math papers are given to you for multiplication-related questions. In addition to the short questions given above, write answers to these worksheets. We have also provided you with the answer sheet here.

Also, these math worksheets are provided in printable format. You can also use these question papers for your school, class, or study.

Multiply by Four Worksheet Download
Multiply by Four Worksheet Download

Multiply by Four Worksheet Download (Answers)
Multiply by Four Worksheet Download (Answers)

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