Science & Maths Evaluation Reports in the Past few Years

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Science & Maths Evaluation Reports 2018, 2017 and 2016 O Level examination Science & Maths Evaluation Reports

Examining the Maths & Science Evaluation Reports of students during the O Level Examinations held in previous years is very important for the candidates who will be appearing for that examination in the future.

What questions should a student choose when writing the exam? How were those questions addressed in previous years? From which questions can you get the highest marks by answering? You can get data like these from these reports.

Among the examinations available in Sri Lanka, the highest number of candidates face the GCE Ordinary Level Examination. Also, based on the results of this examination, therefore it is possible to select suitable candidates for higher education and get a middle-level job. Also, due to the validity and reliability of this examination, the GCE Ordinary Level results are accepted as a benchmark for local and international education courses.

These science and mathematics evaluation reports consist of three main parts.

  • Subject Objectives
  • Statistical information about the subject
  • Candidates’ Achievements with Question Paper

Evaluation, Classical Test Theory and Item Response
The analysis was done by the Research Development Branch of the Examinations Department using Theory.

So you can download the evaluation reports from the links below.

2018 Science & Maths Evaluation Reports

2018 MathematicsSinhalaTamil
2018 ScienceSinhalaTamil

2017 Mathematics & Science Evaluations

2017 MathematicsSinhalaTamil
2017 ScienceSinhalaTamil

2016 Mathematics & Science Evaluations

2016 MathematicsSinhalaTamil
2016 ScienceSinhalaTamil

Also, in addition to the above reports, you can also get marking schemes for past exams. Also, those marking schemes issued by the Department of Examinations are available on our website. For that, watch our latest news feeds.

View these reports after educating or answering previous year’s exam question papers and answering them. Because it will help you to understand the facts in these reports.

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