2017 O/L Maths Paper | Sinhala Medium Past Papers

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Now you can download the 2017 O/L Maths Paper. Also in this way you can get Sinhala Medium Mathematics question papers from our website. This question paper is a new syllabus question paper prepared according to the prototype question paper.

When learning mathematics in Sinhala medium we have to answer such question papers. So if you want to get used to the pattern of question papers, you have to get used to writing answers to the model question papers as well.

Past question papers are essential for O/L students who are preparing for the subject of Mathematics. Also, answering model question papers is very important to prepare for logical subjects like mathematics. Therefore sample question papers are also provided for you on our website.

Download (Sinhala Medium) – 2017 O/L Maths Paper

Download (Sinhala Medium) - 2017 O/L Maths Paper

Download (Sinhala Medium) – 2017 Ordinary Level Maths Paper

Above we have given you the past exam question papers. In addition, you can download other question papers for the O/L examination from our website. To do so, read the other articles on our website.

Also, give us other question papers which are not available on our website if you can. Also, your model papers or other tutorials can now be advertised through our website.

You can also download

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