Science Model Paper 01 | Sinhala Medium O/L Exam

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The science curriculum has become a difficult subject for many children. Due to this, we have issued Science Model Paper 01 on our website.

We have created these question papers using only a few units. These are made up of Grade 10 and Grade 11 lessons. Also, all the questions are arranged according to the new question pattern.

Also, the short questions, essays, and structured essays in this question paper are based on the lessons of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

In addition, you can download the grade 10,11 & O/L model question papers from our website below.

Structure of Ordinary Level Science Model Paper 01

  • Time : Two hours
  • Total marks : 60 Marks
  • Number of question papers :
    • 15 MCQ (multiple-choice questions) – 2 points each
    • 2 Structures essay questions – 10 points each
    • 1 Essay question – 10 points each
  • Types of questions
    • Plant Tissue and Animal Tissue Related Biology Questions
    • Grade 11 and 10 Chemical compounds lesson
    • Physics problems related to motion
Download Grade 11 & 10 Science Model Paper 01. විද්‍යාව ආදර්ශ ප්‍රශ්න පත්‍ර අංක 01.

Download Science Model Paper Number One – Grade 10 & Grade 11

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